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KIK Compounds officially joins European Bioplastics

Brussels, 1 March 2021KiK Compounds, one of Europe’s leading bioplastics producers with partners and clients across the world, is pleased to announce that it has officially joined European Bioplastics, the association representing the interests of the thriving bioplastics industry in Europe.


In welcoming KiK Compounds as new member, the European Bioplastics association recognises the technical expertise and invaluable experience of KiK’s team, and their groundbreaking research and development. The business has recently focused its R&D on the environmental sector in order to develop biodegradable elastomer compounds, as well as bioplastic compounds in which more than 70 % from the traditional fossil base elastomers are replaced with renewable sources derived from plants.


As part of European Bioplastics, KiK Compounds is committed to driving the evolution of plastics by raising awareness across all relevant stakeholder groups about the benefits of bioplastics in reducing our dependency on fossil resources, reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and using renewable resources more efficiently.


Germano Craia, CEO of KIK Compounds, said: “We feel extremely privileged to have joined European Bioplastics, and see this as a recognition of the hard work achieved by the company. At KiK, we all are looking forward to exchanging best practices with other bioplastics companies operating across Europe and help the EU in reaching its industrial goals while meeting our new environmental ambitions”.