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Biodegradable plastics, a chance for Europe – Plast Magazine

On PLAST – Magazine of Plastics, the CEO of KIK Compounds, Germano Craia, explains how biodegradable plastics can be a great industrial opportunity for economic recovery across the continent after the Covid19 crisis. Plastic is found and used everywhere: packaging, construction, textiles, automobiles, electronics, agriculture.

The use of plastics has increased twentyfold in the past fifty years. The problem of the amount of plastic in our oceans has been widely discussed in recent years and, according to a 2017 report, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

KIK Compounds was born from the desire to solve the problem of plastic pollution. With our team, we work to develop solutions that allow industries and individuals to replace traditional plastics with biodegradable plastics that have the same characteristics as plastics but not the same harmful impact on the environment and human health.

Global plastic production in 2019 reached 368 million tons, an increase of 9 million tons compared to 2018. And there is approximately 150 million tons of plastic waste in our seas and oceans. If we don’t act now, this huge pile of junk could quadruple by 2040.

Was plastic a revolutionary technology? Of course it did: it changed our lives and determined our industrial history.
The problem with plastic is that it got out of hand. It has invaded our ecosystem and we are talking about a product that will remain in our environment for thousands of years.

So why not adopt the much more sustainable alternative of products that retain all the characteristics of plastic, but are also biodegradable?
Because biodegradable plastic is plastic, after all. But it is revolutionary, insofar as it does not become a waste. One of the biggest benefits of biodegradable plastic is that it won’t change our daily life or product quality at all, as it retains all the functionality that plastic has provided for over a century. What will allow us to do more is to protect the environment and our health.

The role of Europe as an industrial trendsetter on a global level
We at KIK believe that, in post-Covid19 Europe, the production of biodegradable plastics and eco-bioplastics would not only represent an important ecological ambition, but also a great industrial opportunity for economic recovery across the continent.

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