KIK Compounds’ products are highly flexible in terms of their use and can be adapted to meet customers’ demands. We will always endeavour to deliver the best compound solution in base of quality and cost efficiency.

Our factory benefits of three complete extrusion lines, of the latest generation, with a monthly capacity of 200 metric tons, and a fully equipped laboratory which allows our compounds to be produced and maintained at the highest quality level.

All KIK Compounds’ series – B series and BM series – are recyclable and biodegradable.

While the BM series is biomass for packaging produced with renewable by-products of agricultural industries, such as PLA and cellulose. 

Biodegradable Thermoplastic Elastomers
– KIK B Series Compounds –

Specially designed for an accelerated biodegradation process in microbe-rich environments, KIK B – Series Compounds have an unlimited shelf life.

KIK B – Series Compounds attract micro-organisms that allow them to control their PH level, develop the capacity of quorum sensing (meaning they can detect and respond to cell population density by gene regulation) and colonize the surface of the compound.

After spreading on the compound, microbes produce acids that break down the polymer chain. Micro-organisms use the carbon backbone of the polymer chain as an energy source.
Micro-organisms can feed on KIK B-Series Compounds but not on traditional compounds, and this is what makes our products uniquely innovative and extremely important for the environment.

– KIK BM Series Compounds –

The BM series are thermoplastic materials that are created containing a certain percentage of renewable sources. In other words, being Bio-based means that the material is partially derived from biomass (plant derived), such as corn, corn starch, vegetables flour, sugar cane, sugar beet, cellulose and vegetable oils.

– KIK Compounds –

Packaging material

– KIK Compounds –