KIK Compounds is based in Târgovişte and it specialises in the production of elastomer compounds with a wide range of applications, such as footwear, packaging, toys, technical articles, construction, sports, automotives, and household items.

Thanks to its experienced and dedicated team, KIK Compounds can swiftly adapt to the demand of its customers and deliver the best compound solution in terms of quality and cost.

We are particularly careful about the selection process of raw materials to ensure that they are of premium quality and sourced from well-established and sustainable producers.

Our factory benefits from three complete extrusion lines of the latest generation with a monthly capacity of 200 metric tons, and a fully equipped laboratory. These facilities allow our compounds to be produced and maintained at the highest quality level.

Most recently KIK Compounds has focused its research and development in the environmental sector in order to develop elastomer compounds which are biodegradable, and compounds in which more than 70 % from the traditional fossil base elastomers are replaced with renewable sources derived from plants, also known as bioplastics.

To broaden the scope of its research and products, KIK Compounds entered into a partnership agreement with the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Science and Technology (ICSTM) within Valahia University of Târgovişte and is working intensively with the Institute to further develop innovative eco-friendly compounds.